Paper Converting Adhesive

PAPER CONVERTING ADHESIVES are water based adhesives (Homo Polymers) used for various applications involving paper to paper pasting. It exhibits excellent bonding with a large variety of paper such as metallized paper,film laminated paper, varnished paper, etc. and is highly suitable for high speed machine applications. It is used for the manufacturing of kappa paper board.

We have a wide range of products that have been specially developed to optimise performance on the application equipment and the final product.

Range of Adhesives and applications:

• Extra Strength due to Special Hardeners

• Stable even under high Temperatures

• Customized Adhesives for all Applications

• In-house R & D and Pilot Plant

• Ideally Suitable for Paper-Paper Applications

• Folding boxes and Corrugated board

• Bags, sacks and pouches

• Paper mill applications

• manufacturing of kappa paper board applications

kappa paper board adhesive
paper converting adhesive