Footwear Adhesive

Adhesives used in the footwear industry are made up of a wide range of chemical compounds that are created to facilitate the bonding of specific substrates.

The footwear industry is deeply linked with adhesives since footwear manufacturing includes the processing and assembly of diverse components made of a variety of materials, in which various footwear adhesives play an important role. The right adhesive selection is critical to ensuring the required bond strength. Furthermore, the wide range of materials utilised in the footwear industry necessitates the employment of specifically designed adhesives.

Footwear Adhesives Usage

A lot goes into the manufacturing of shoes but the assembly process is the most critical step as it involves the use of high-quality glues for shoe fixing. Typically, shoe manufacturing includes surface treatments of the materials which employ diverse speciality chemicals. Depending on the material used for shoes, the choice of adhesives can vary. For instance, any adhesive for leather shoes cannot be employed if the material is not leather. Similarly, even the best adhesive for rubber shoes cannot be used freely in the assembly of shoes made of different materials.

Therefore, understanding footwear adhesives requirements is extremely important because the joining of the upper part to the shoe sole is the most challenging process in terms of peel resistance. This necessitates the use of the best glue for shoe soles that can offer the required bond strength. Pidilite Industrial Products has been a market leader in offering a wide assortment of best glues for shoes in India.