Carpet Adhesive

A carpet adhesive, also known as carpet glue, is often used instead of carpet tacks for keeping a carpet well grounded and in place. It is an excellent choice for installing a wall-to-wall carpet and stairway carpeting. These adhesives come in two main types. There are adhesives that come pre-applied to carpets.

There are adhesives that come pre-applied to carpets. These adhesive-backed carpets make carpet installation a simple matter. Other adhesives come in a spreadable form and must be applied to the carpet backing with a trowel or a roller.

Before applying the carpet adhesive, it is advisable to to test the substrate for moisture. The presence of moisture may prevent the adhesive from setting effectively. Once the adhesive is spread, the carpet should be laid on immediately, positioned and rolled with a heavy roller.

Some high performance,commercial adhesives bond well with cement sheet underlays and concrete. Others may bind well with plywood and hardboard. Some versatile adhesives may be used with all the mentioned types of floors.