Woodlam 5003

  • It is water based adhesive

  • Low to medium viscosity applications

  • Perfect for carton forming/Side pasting/Corner and Flap pasting applications

  • Food Grade Passed

  • Suitable for all types of kraft paper and board

  • Machine application/manual application

Woodlam Lamination Adhesive: Wet and Dry lamination

  • Excellent for BOPP film to paper and various other lamination applications

  • High Gloss and High Bonding

  • Low to Moderate and Moderate to high viscosity as per requirement

  • High Coverage

  • Smooth machinability

  • All weather adhesive

  • High Tack and Peel

  • Custom made available

Woodlam Pressure Sensitive Adhesive

  • Used in food packaging labels, label stock

  • Viscosity as per requirement

  • Used for sticker paper, self adhesive paper etc

  • Excellent wetting and no migration

  • High Shelf life