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Water Based Adhesive

Water based adhesive or glue consists of polymers, water and other additives. We have wide range of water based adhesives finding application in lamination, kappa paper, wood working,etc.

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rubber based adhesive

Rubber adhesive forms a very strong bond with hard materials. We supply rubber adhesive to automobile industry.

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Hot melt adhesive

Woodlaand Chemicals having many SKUs and packages, projects a very customer-friendly approach and also ease of application.

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PVA based adhesive

Woodlaand Chemicals has an excellent market reach by reaching out to countries like Singapore, Indonesia, South Africa, Thailand, Japan, and Chain.

water based adhesive manufacturer
water based adhesive
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About Woodlaand Chemicals Pvt. Ltd.

Woodland Chemicals Pvt. Ltd.is one of the leading adhesive manufacturer and supplier, established in Delhi, India in 1988. In the journey that began 25 years ago, it has established as a leading manufacturer paper and packaging adhesives in the country. Owing to our quality and business ethics, we stand among one of the predominant lamination and labelling adhesive manufacturer in India. Our range of adhesives include wood adhesive, lamination adhesive,paper converting adhesive, D3 adhesive, label and sticker adhesive etc to meet the requirements of furniture industry, packaging industry, paper industry, handicraft industry etc. We are D3 wood adhesive manufacturer under the brand name “PAKKADCOL”. Our company is renowned for manufacturing new products as per customer’s requirements. Woodland Chemicals has branches in Delhi and other north Indian states as well to serve our Distributors and Customers.

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* Excel in Customer Service by understanding and meeting Customers’ requirements.

WHY Choose US?

We are Delhi based manufacturer, supplier of wide range of water based, pva based adhesive,hotmelt and rubber Adhesive.

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Our Industrial Adhesive projects

We manufacture and supply the range of industrial adhesives to various industries. This includes furniture industry, packaging industry, carpet industry, paper mills ,footwear industry etc